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The Vision of the Women’s Giving Circles

The aim of the Women's Giving Circles (WGC) is to establish an effective and powerful channel of giving for women of any means at any level. The Circles are designed to create a joyful collaboration and provide opportunities to grow together, around giving, in a small group of like-minded women.

This cooperative effort offers an abundance of meaningful activities, leading to new insights into ourselves and others. The intention is to make philanthropy rewarding for all and have fun in the process. Collaboration, empowerment, and learning set the tone for the Women’s Giving Circles.

In today’s world, giving of ourselves to others is essential for the advancement of humanity. When a woman is empowered, she nourishes the whole village, not only herself.


"I now have a life of abundance and I want to give to others. The Women’s Giving Circle affords me the opportunity to help others in need whether they are in my own community or a distant third world country. I’m grateful for the opportunity."


"I was asked to join the circle a few years ago by my neighbor Barbara and the invitation could not have come at a more opportune moment. As a therapist and activist I have always felt a profound commitment to individual change but I had begun to feel that my efforts were not enough and that my work lacked a larger focus. I kept saying to myself over and over that there must be something more I could be doing.

I never looked back. I knew that it would be interesting but what I didn't anticipate was how impactful our small local group could be."


Barbara Sachs, Ph.D.,MFT.
Sonoma, California