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Start a Circle
What it Takes to Start a Circle

A Women's Giving Circle is formed by women who wish to take the vision of the Women’s Giving Circles and act on it to help the world. The inspiring success of the first group is serving as a model to start similar ones in other areas.

First, a circle leader, working with Barbara Sachs, invites women to get a group started. Barbara assists them in the beginning, and then the group facilitates itself. The circle leader decides what the entry contribution will be to participate in the giving circle. This is an opportunity for women who hold a common intention for the betterment and enrichment of themselves and others and to have fun through giving together.

By pooling monies, rather than giving individually, women have a much greater capacity to influence the outcomes. All contributions are tax deductible through EMET, a 501(c )3. Call and find out more!



Barbara Sachs, Ph.D.,MFT.
Sonoma, California