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A Women’s Giving Circle is a group of women who create a common bond by joining together for a higher good. Women have more impact as a group than as individuals when giving and collaborating to bring about their vision for a better world. The process is experienced as part of the giving.

Barbara Sachs

Founder / Facilitator

Barbara Sachs is a parent, an educator, clinical psychologist, spiritual mentor, group facilitator and social investor for over thirty years. When she was eight years old she watched on TV the program The Millionaire and always dreamed of giving to others to suport and change the quality of their lives to make the world a better place. She put together her passion of philanthropy, i.e. social investing, with her knowledge of groups and women to create the women's giving circles (WGC). She is dedicated to helping anyone start or join a WGC who has a passion to make the world a better place and the willingness to work collaboratively, no matter what their monetary contribution level.
Her work with women’s groups over the years has evolved to include her philosophy that it is through women that the world can change. She believes that women, when given the opportunity, will not only themselves, but feed the village.
She has been a student and certified Ridhwan Diamond Approach® teacher for the last 23 years and is a practicing psychotherapist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Presently she is working mainly with parents and blended families to bring in the spiritual perspective. She is writing a book on the spiritual everyday path of parenting.

Her teaching experience encompasses many arenas. She has taught and trained elementary school teachers. She was a demonstration teacher at UCLA’s Lab School. As the Mental Health Training Consultant for Contra Costa County, she created curriculum, created and facilitated staff development at schools and at alcoholism agencies, as well as created peer counseling programs for the junior high and high schools. Barbara taught in Mexico at the Jesuit Universities in Guadalajara and Mexico City, leading workshops and women's groups. She co-founded and facilitated "dorm listening groups" at UCSB, in addition to leading encounter and growth groups and hosting a radio show with the inmates at Lompoc prison. She served nine years on the faculty of the Graduate School of Transpersonal Psychology at John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, California. She served as Clinical Director at the University's Transpersonal Counseling Center and taught courses in Clinical Psychology.

Barbara graduated from UC Berkeley in 1965 with her BA in history and psychology, her MA in 1975 from UC Santa Barbara in Confluent Education, and her Ph.D. in psychology at The Institute for Transpersonal Psychology in Menlo Park in 1986. She has studied and practiced both Western and Eastern spiritual traditions, and has trained in Object-Relations Theory, Family Systems, Psychosynthesis, Gestalt, Rogerian work, and the work of D.W. Winnicott.
Presently Barbara brings her myriad of experience, her passion to educate women on the power, camaraderie and fun of giving together, to facilitate any new groups that want to start a women's giving circle. Barbara also does consultations.

"I now have a life of abundance and I want to give to others. The Women’s Giving Circle affords me the opportunity to help others in need whether they are in my own community or a distant third world country. I’m grateful for the opportunity."


"I was asked to join the circle a few years ago by my neighbor Barbara and the invitation could not have come at a more opportune moment. As a therapist and activist I have always felt a profound commitment to individual change but I had begun to feel that my efforts were not enough and that my work lacked a larger focus. I kept saying to myself over and over that there must be something more I could be doing.

I never looked back. I knew that it would be interesting but what I didn't anticipate was how impactful our small local group could be."


Barbara Sachs, Ph.D.,MFT.
Sonoma, California