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  A Women’s Giving Circle is a group of women who create a common bond by joining together for a higher good. Women have more impact as a group than as individuals when giving and collaborating to bring about their vision for a better world. The process is experienced as part of the giving.

Learning Through Giving Together

The collaborations and relationships developed in the circle grow richer year after year. The circles, as they form, are self determining and benefit from the guidance and experience of initial circles.

  Barbara Sachs is the facilitator of new circles in the beginning stages of formation. She brings a lifetime of experience in both training and facilitating groups. She brings her passion of educating, parenting, psychology, spirituality together into giving circles. See her biography at womensgivingcircles.com/barbarasachs.

  “This is a unique opportunity for women to participate as colleagues around giving and, at the same time, to have fun together deepening and learning with one another. I am thrilled every time I see the growth of the women who participate and see the dramatic changes they bring about in the world together that could not have been done alone.”
Barbara Sachs Ph.D. MFT

"I now have a life of abundance and I want to give to others. The Women’s Giving Circle affords me the opportunity to help others in need whether they are in my own community or a distant third world country. I’m grateful for the opportunity."


"I was asked to join the circle a few years ago by my neighbor Barbara and the invitation could not have come at a more opportune moment. As a therapist and activist I have always felt a profound commitment to individual change but I had begun to feel that my efforts were not enough and that my work lacked a larger focus. I kept saying to myself over and over that there must be something more I could be doing.

I never looked back. I knew that it would be interesting but what I didn't anticipate was how impactful our small local group could be."


Barbara Sachs, Ph.D.,MFT.
Sonoma, California